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Top Ten Tech Tips For Engine & Transmission Replacement

Powertrain Tech TipsAuto repair professionals have turned to Powertrain Direct thousands of times for advice on vehicles they are repairing. “Heavy line” repairs – replacing engines, transmissions and transfer cases – can be challenging. Below are the top ten tech tips for the last year or so based on Powertrain Direct viewership – all gathered in one convenient place.

1.  What Causes High Oil Pressure?

Typically, high oil pressure is caused by a couple things starting with a bad sending unit. Read more here.

2.  What Causes A Cracked Engine Block?

Generally, there are four main reasons why an engine block cracks. Get the scoop.

3.  What Causes Transmission Fluid To Leak?

The pan gasket is the obvious place to start – but there are other culprits too. Learn more.

4. Should I Repair Or Replace My Transmission?

Your customers depend on you for advice. Here are some guidelines for helping them decide whether to repair or replace a transmission.

5.  What Causes My Engine To Sputter?

Your customer’s engine  sputters, hudders, hesitates, hiccups – or whatever they call it. Here’s why. 

6. What Causes An Engine To Run Lean?

Too much air in an engine can be a big problem. Here’s why.

7. What Causes Engine Coolant In Oil?

Uh oh. Blown head gasket? Maybe so… Read more at the link above.

8. What Causes Oil In An Air Filter?

In a word – check the PCV valve ASAP. And hope it’s not bad piston rings.

9.  Do Transmission Additives Really Work?

That’s kind of like asking “how long is a piece of string?” It depends. Read our advice here.

10. What Causes A Transmission To Grind?

The synchronizers are shot – or maybe not. Read more here.

So those are the top ten most popular tech tips for the last twelve months. If you have a suggestion for a future tech tip, email us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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