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Salvage Engines

Salvage Engines – Speed, Financial Savings and OEM Fit

salvage engines for sale
You have no shortage of options when it comes to engine replacement. You can supply your customers with crate engines or remanufactured engines. However, you can also choose salvage engines and there are many instances in which this is not only advisable, but possibly the only route forward. If you work with warranty companies to provide repairs for client vehicles, you understand just how strict their terms can be – second hand engines are often the only option that will work.

What Are Salvage Yard Engines?

While engine salvage is something any mechanic shop can do on their own, it is time consuming and there’s no guarantee that the engine you’ll pull will be in good condition. We take the hassle and time consumption out of the situation for you.

Why Buy Cheap Engines from Us?

Why should you consider buying salvage engines from There’s a host of reasons, but the three most important include our price, our quality and our immense experience.

As a professional, you know the value of doing business with other professionals. We’re immensely proud to offer mechanics and service centers the highest quality second hand engines available, and we’re just as proud of the selection of have built.

Of course, you also know the importance of price. You have to meet the budget requirements of your customer or the replacement coverage of the warranty company, yet still manage to operate a profitable business. Our salvage yard engines allow you to do exactly that, without spending the time to pull engines from a salvage yard yourself or shortchanging your customers on quality.

Finally, our experience speaks volumes about why you should choose for cheap motors. We have been in business for years, and during that time, we’ve built a reputation for honesty, integrity and customer service.

Choices, Choices, Choices does more than just offer the widest selection of take out engines on the market. We are your complete source for any powertrain need. We can offer crate engines and remanufactured engines, and we can also supply transmissions in a variety of conditions (crate and remanufactured). We also sell transfer cases for 4-wheel drive vehicles (both domestic and import).

Our experienced staff can help you determine what the exact engine and transmission solution is for your specific needs. Contact Us today and find out why we have remained the leader in this competitive industry for so many years.

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