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Customer Reviews

Outstanding Service, Good Product"Most outstanding service of all. Guy named Steve is awesome. Thank you very much for support and good products."
- Ante P.
Shipped Fast & Shifts Great"Had searched for a transmission and came across powertrain. Within 10 min had me setup and was the best price I had found. Shipped fast and shifts great ! Thanks again"
- Jay H.
5 Stars"5 Stars"
- Lamar H.
Unbelievably Helpful"The only problem is that there isn't any way to leave a six star review. Steve was unbelievably helpful in ordering my engine, and getting it shipped out. There was a slight burble, but it was most likely due to the fact that I ordered the engine at the end of the week, if memory serves. If I ever need another engine for anything, I am going to call Steve, and the folks at Powertrain Direct. If you are smart, you will, too."
- Kevin N.
My Shop Says You Guys are the Best"I just left the shop that will be installing my engine for me and they have dealt with u guys/gals a lot and said u guys/gals were the best and asked me to inquire about a total installation package with water pump, coil packs, the whole nine yards as they have ordered engines like this from u guys/gals before...I was also informed that u offer the best wrranty with this package."
- Michael H.
Great Care"Scott Allen took great care of us!!"
- Peggy W.
Recommend"Courtney was very professional, friendly and helped me make this purchase. I will recomend and buy again because of her."
- Zachary L.
Fast and Efficient"Services by Derek was fast and efficient. Motor is working as advertised."
- Mark R.
Durango Runs Like Brand New"Very helpful on helping me with my new motor, answered all my questions i had bout it i was nervous for buying a new motor online bc ive never did that before and gave me my info that i needed to track my shipment and when it shipped out i got it in 1 day from Texas to Oklahoma took me 3 days to put it in my 2004 dodge Durango and now as of today on 07/02/2018 my truck drives beautifully its so quiet that i can barely feel it running it runs like brand new when i first bought it"
- David L.
5 Stars"5 Stars"
- William C.
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