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Remanufactured Transfer Cases

Choose a Remanufactured Transfer Case for Excellent Reliability

remanufactured transfer cases for sale
When it comes to replacing transfer cases, you have quite a few options. You could offer your customer a rebuilt case. However, if your customer demands the best in terms of reliability and wants a case in like-new condition, then a remanufactured transfer case is the ideal solution. can offer remanufactured transfer cases to fit any vehicle or engine size, whether you’re working on a domestic truck or SUV, or an import model.

A Look at Remanufactured Transfer Cases

best quality remanufactured transfer casesIt’s important that you understand the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured transfer cases. Rebuilt transfer cases are fully inspected and any failed components are replaced. However, remanufactured transfer cases undergo a much more rigorous process. We fully disassemble and clean each transfer case, and then inspect the exterior and interior of the case for leaks, cracks and stripped threads. We then thoroughly clean the interior and replace all worn or failed soft components. Bearings, forks and chains are replaced (if applicable). We also inspect the shaft for bending or other damage. Finally, we reassemble the transfer case with new gaskets and seals, before conducting dyno tests, pressure tests and immersion tests. The entire process is accomplished with the aid of sophisticated computerized equipment in our factory.

Who Benefits from a Remanufactured Transfer Case?

A remanufactured transfer case is the ideal solution for several situations. They provide the utmost in terms of longevity, durability and reliability, but they don’t have the same price tag as a new transfer case. For customers who plan to keep their vehicle for a long time to come, those with newer vehicles, or those who want the assurance of long life and don’t want to go the used route (whether they prefer the longer warranty on a remanufactured transfer case or simply out of personal preference), these are excellent choices.

Our Selection Can’t Be Matched by the Competition

Working with to satisfy your customers’ needs and get them back on the road is an excellent choice. You’ll find that our immense selection of remanufactured transfer case models can’t be matched by any competitor. Whether you need a transfer case for an import or a domestic truck or SUV, we’ve got exactly what you need. What’s more, our expert staff helps take the stress and hassle out of finding the right transfer case for each customer’s vehicle. Our staff can guide you through the selection process and choose a transfer case that matches the specific make, model and engine size in question.

Of course, you’re not limited to only remanufactured models. We pride ourselves on providing professionals and consumers with the perfect solution to their needs, and our inventory includes the widest selection of new transfer cases and rebuilt transfer cases as well.

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