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Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Rebuilt Transfer Cases Offer Affordable Durability

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Without a functional transfer case, your customer’s 4-wheel drive system is useless. Having access to the right supplier is vital to ensure that you can get your customers back into action – at, we offer the right rebuilt transfer case for every vehicle you might encounter in your line of work, from domestic brands like Dodge and Ford to imports like Toyota and Nissan.

What Is a Rebuilt Transfer Case?

A rebuilt transfer case is not the same thing as a remanufactured transfer case. A rebuilt transfer case is fully disassembled and inspected for wear on the hard and soft parts, and any failed components are replaced (these can include bearings, forks, seals and more). Once failed components are replaced, the transfer case is then resealed and tested for operation before being marked as available for sale. At, we can rebuild a transfer case for any vehicle, at the lowest price in the industry.

What Are the Benefits of a Rebuilt Transfer Case?

rebuilt transfer cases for all vehicle typesWhy should you consider ordering a rebuilt transfer case for your customers, or for your personal project? There are several things reasons. The first would be the cost savings over a new transfer case or a remanufactured one. The lower price we offer on rebuilt cases means that you can pass those savings along to your own customers and increase their satisfaction with your shop.

Of course, our quality is another reason to consider going the rebuilt route. We’re the top-ranked powertrain supplier in the industry for a reason, and that’s our outstanding quality. Our in-depth testing and inspection process ensures that every rebuilt transfer case we sell offers the durability and longevity your customers expect.

You’ll also find that working with our staff is a very good reason to choose us as your powertrain component supplier. Each of our staff members is certified, trained and highly educated, specializing in powertrain components only. This enables them to offer expert advice and guidance during the selection process. If you’re not quite sure what transfer case matches your customer’s specific vehicle, our staff can help guide you to the perfect rebuilt transfer case.

Choose for the Best Selection

Most companies that supply rebuilt transfer cases offer a handful of models. However, we’re different. Our selection spans all makes and models, from domestics to imports. We carry different varieties of transfer cases to match specific engine sizes within each model range as well. Simply put, you won’t find a larger selection of high-quality, warrantied cases anywhere else. We can also supply you with new transfer cases and remanufactured transfer cases if you prefer.

More than Just Transfer Cases

We’re more than just a rebuilt transfer case supplier – we can provide you with any powertrain component you need, from crate engines to remanufactured transmissions and more. Contact Us today to find out what we can do to help you serve your customers better.

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