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Powertrain Direct™ Wholesale Sales

Customized Programs For Auto Repair Facilities

Engine or transmission replacement is a time-sensitive, and costly affair – your customers demand low costs, and minimal down time. understands those constraints and offers an innovative wholesale solution for auto repair shops.

Wholesale Engine SalesWholesale Prices And Industry-Leading Warranties

At PowertrainDirect™, we know what shop owners are looking for: top-quality products, best-in-class pricing, and warranties that will stand the test of time. We stock all types of replacement engines and transmissions so you have as many options as possible:

EVERY MAKE AND MODEL – ready to ship!

Engine types available for wholesale customers:
New Engines
Crate Engines
Rebuilt Engines
Remanufactured Engines
Reconditioned Engines
Refurbished Engines
Salvage Engines
Diesel Engines

Transmission types available for wholesale customers:
New Transmissions
Remanufactured Transmissions
Rebuilt Transmissions

Transfer case types available for wholesale customers:
New Transfer Cases
Remanufactured Transfer Cases
Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Shop Owners Need Reliability and Durability offers the highest quality, most comprehensive engine, transmission and transfer case inventory available in the industry. Our experts are trained to ensure our wholesale clients always get the best quality solution available.

Who Needs Our Wholesale Powertrain Program?

Our wholesale powertrain program appeals to a wide range of auto repair facilities. Whether you have a single auto repair location or manage a franchise with hundreds of locations, Powertrain Direct™s wholesale powertrain program will give you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with professionals who have done this a few million times already!

Wholesale engines, transmissions and transfer cases from Powertrain Direct™ offer value and savings for your shops. At Powertrain Direct, we pride ourselves on supplying the ideal, cost-effective solution for every shop’s budget, and every vehicle type. is your single source for every wholesale powertrain need, from engines to transmissions and transfer cases. Find out what we can do for you today.

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