How To Care For A Diesel-Powered Vehicle


General maintenance and care for a diesel vehicle isn’t too different from that of a car that uses regular gasoline, but there are a few key things you’ll need to know that the owner’s manual might not cover.

Oil Changes

Diesel vehicles require more frequent oil changes.  The actual interval will vary with the vehicle type and the type of oil used, but older vehicles or those that regularly carry a heavy load should be changed every 2,500 miles or so. Due to the gunkiness of the fuel, oil filters will also need more frequent replacement than is required in other types of vehicles.


If at all possible, keep the vehicle in a climate-controlled garage in cold weather. If it has to be kept outside or in an unheated garage, install a block heater to ensure the engine will turn over. Running a block heater for more than a few hours prior to starting the engine is just a waste of electricity with no benefit, so finding one with a timer can save some money.


Preventing a diesel engine from overheating is also much more important than it is with vehicles that use regular gasoline as they run at a much higher compression. Long periods of overheating can cause serious (and expensive) damage. Engine warning lights should be checked regularly to make sure they are functional. Always use a coolant brand made specifically for heavy-duty engines and that is pre-diluted so you can’t mistakenly add too much water. Antifreeze that is still good should be completely clear.

If feasible, also consider bio-diesel fuel as it burns much cleaner than standard diesel and will actually clean deposits left in the fuel system.

Diesel Engines

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