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GM Transmission Maintenance Tips

Whether automatic or a standard stick shift transmission, a GM product is designed to go hundred thousand miles before transmission maintenance. When the occasion does arise, however, that a transmission develops problems, the need to remove the transmission case is necessary. Except for adding fluid it is not possible to work on the transmission gears and linkages without removing the transmission from the bottom of the vehicle. Whether front wheel, rear wheel or four-wheel drive makes no difference. There are several common issues with GM transmissions, including gear replacement, clutch replacement and transfer case repair.

Transmission Gears

A GM transmission is a series of meshed gears of different sizes used to transmit power from the engine to the drive shaft and on to the axles and wheels. Since the engine only performs in the same power range, gears are used to alter the power to the wheels as the vehicle accelerates, cruises and slows down. Big gears get the GM vehicle moving from a stop and then a progression of medium to smaller gears are used at higher speeds.

When a gear fails either by being stripped from its mounting shaft or the gear teeth are damaged, it must be replaced. There is no repairing a gear. Gear damage, though, is usually caused by circumstance not related to the gear. If there is a transmission fluid leak, which lubricates and cools the fast spinning gears, then there could be gear failure. Also, hard driving, fast starts and screeching deceleration can all severely impact the transmission.

The Clutch

The clutch in a GM is not in the transmission but is between the transmission case and the engine. The clutch is used to disengage the gears from the engine to the transmission can change from gear to gear. Whether the car has a standard transmission or the GM car or truck has an automatic transmission, both have clutches. The problem is to access the clutch means removing the transmission. Although there may be no need to repair or work on the transmission itself, removing it is still part of the repair procedure for clutch repair.

Transfer Cases

The transfer case is only on GM vehicles with four-wheel drive. The transfer case literally transfers the GM drive train from two wheels to four wheel and then back again at the driver’s discretion or automatically depending on driving conditions. Different engine and transmission designs on GM vehicles will determine if removing the transmission is necessary to access the transfer case.

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