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Crate Engines for All Makes and Models

crate engines for all cars
When replacing an engine, it’s important that you choose the right replacement option. understands that different customers will have different needs and budgets, as well as other constraints (warranty coverage, for instance). Because of that, we provide the widest range of engine replacement solutions for every customer, from mechanics to consumers and even auto dealers. While we provide remanufactured engines and rebuilt options, we also pride ourselves on offering the widest range of crate engines available.

Why Choose Crate Engines?

Why opt for a crate engine over a rebuilt engine or a remanufactured engine? Simply put, crate engines are complete engines virtually ready to run right out of the box. These engines come fully assembled right from the start, and allow you to avoid the time and hassle of rebuilding an engine on your own. Built with the highest quality components and available in a variety of different finishes to fit your aesthetic needs as well as your performance goals,’s selection of crate engines gets you up and on the road faster than anyone else. Whether you’re pressed for time or working for a client who demands the best in speed and aesthetics, our selection of crate engines is the answer.

Crate Engines to Fit Every Need

top quality crate offers crate engines to fit virtually any need. We provide complete engines for daily drivers, powerhouse vehicles, racers and fixer-uppers. We can help whether you’re trying to get a family of four back on the road after an engine failure or fixing up a project car for your own use.

Brand is an important consideration with crate engines – you can’t just shove any old engine into that car, truck or van and expect it to fit. Our complete engines offer the perfect OEM fit and function for your application. We offer Ford crate engines, GM crate engines, Chevrolet crate engines and everything in between to ensure that you get the perfect mount and transmission mating every time. also offers both large block crate engines and small block crate engines in a variety of horsepower and torque configurations. That ensures you get the perfect solution, whether you’re trying to amp up your performance at the track or just rebuilding a daily driver. From power and performance to economic operation and fuel savings, we have a solution for you available right now.

Why Choose

At, our customers choose to do business with us for many different reasons. One of the most common is our experience – we’ve been around and we know that fit, function, durability and reliability are paramount considerations when replacing an engine.’s expertly trained staff ensure that every crate engine built adheres to the highest standards in the industry, whether you need Ford crate engines, GM crate engines or Chevy crate engines. Of course, our exceptional warranty protection and our industry-best rates are also common reasons our customers choose us for their needs.

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