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Rebuilt or Remanufactured Engine – Understanding the Ramifications of Your Choice

While today’s vehicles are made to last longer than ever (with less maintenance, too), that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Eventually, wear and tear will cripple major vehicle components, including the engine. Other factors can cause premature engine failure as well – lack of proper maintenance, serious accidents that damage the engine, and numerous others can leave you in the lurch. Regardless of why your original engine is now on the way out, you need a replacement to keep you on the road. … [Read more...]

New Engine – What You Really Want is a Remanufactured Engine

Modern vehicles are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. They’re more fuel efficient than ever before, and able to milk every drop of gasoline for the most “bang” possible. The average lifespan of a car engine these days is far in surplus of 100,000 miles (many make it to the 200,000-mile mark, in fact). With that being said, any number of things can kill an engine early, and its not only because it was once a used engine for sale.Maybe you were involved in a serious auto … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Investment – Opt for a Remanufactured Transmission

Transmission woes can leave you on the side of the road. Whether you drive a stick shift or an automatic, transmission troubles are expensive. When your current transmission fails, you’ll need to replace it, but should you opt for a rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission? If you’re making your decision strictly on your budget, it might seem that a rebuilt transmission is the best choice, but that’s misleading. There are plenty of reasons to opt for a remanufactured model, not the least of … [Read more...]

Know the Lingo – New Transmissions Are Actually Remanufactured Transmissions

Without a fully functional transmission, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere. No matter how much horsepower you’ve packed under the hood, tuning up that used engine for sale into a supercharger. If there’s no way to deliver that power to the drive wheels, you’ll be sitting still. When your transmission fails, you have a couple of options available.You can replace it with a used transmission, which is the cheapest option, although not the most reliable. You can opt for a rebuilt transmission, … [Read more...]

A Guide to Engine Replacement Terminology – What You Should Know

Your car is only as reliable as the engine that powers it (and the transmission, of course). If you’ve been sidelined with a damaged engine, replacing it is the only way to get back on the road. However, there are more options than you might realize out there, and it pays to know what each one is, and what it can offer you. Here’s a quick guide to engine replacement terminology and what each option actually means.New EnginesNew engines are not really new. There’s really no such thing. A … [Read more...]

5 Things An Experienced Mechanic Knows about Engine Replacement

If you know how to turn a wrench and have a vehicle engine guide and wiring schematic, your first thought on engine failure might be to replace it yourself. However, there’s a lot to be gained by using an experienced mechanic here, rather than going it alone. In fact, even with all the information, diagrams and schematics at your disposal, there are still five things that an experienced mechanic knows about engine replacement that you probably don’t.Which Parts to RemoveWhen most … [Read more...]

Get Our Free Engine Installation e-Book

To assist all you engine installation professionals out there, we have created a new e-book entitled The Top 11 Engine Installation Errors and How To Avoid Them. Click the image of the book below to download your free copy. … [Read more...]

Engine Installation Errors: Not Updating the ECM

Engine Installation Error #11 The modern automobile is a unique combination of electrical and mechanical systems all controlled by a computer. The vehicle’s ECM monitors performance, fuel/air mix and an incredibly long list of other things. If you fail to update the factory data in the ECM after the engine swap (before cranking the engine for the first time), you’re making a big mistake. It’s also called an ECU or PCM, but it amounts to the same thing, and it's an important aspect of new engine … [Read more...]

Engine Installation Errors: Radiator Disasters

Engine Installation Error #10 Most of the time, you’ll be reusing the old radiator with the new engine. If the original radiator is in good shape, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, if there are problems with the old radiator, you should replace it during the engine installation process. Engine Installation & Blocked/Worn Out Radiators The radiator’s job is to cool the antifreeze as it cycles through the engine. As the antifreeze moves through the engine, it absorbs heat and is … [Read more...]

Engine Installation Errors: Grime & Failure To Double Check Work

Engine Installation Error #9 Dirt, Grime and Failure To Double Check Your WorkA wide range of parts will transfer to the new engine (parts, not accessories), such as the oil pan and intake manifold. Ensuring that you follow the right steps from the beginning will make sure that these parts don’t pose a threat to the new engine. This chapter covers two of the most common errors with new engine installation – dirt and grime, and failure to double-check your work after an engine installation. … [Read more...]

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