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Used Transmissions


Used Transmissions for Identical Fit and Financial Savings

used transmissions for sale
Whether you run an independent shop or a car dealer service center, it’s important that you be able to provide your customers with the services they require. One of those is going to be transmission replacement – both manual and automatic transmissions wear out with time and use. When replacement becomes a necessity, there are several paths that you can take, but buying used transmissions for sale from PowertrainDirect.com offers you quite a few benefits.

What Should You Know about Used Transmissions?

A used transmission for sale is one that has been taken from a wrecked or damaged vehicle. It’s very common for a car to be too damaged to make it worthwhile to repair, yet have no damage to powertrain components. Whether you need a used manual transmission or a used automatic transmission, we can help.

A used transmission provides an identical fit to the original transmission, as it will be taken from the same make and model (or a corresponding vehicle that used the same transmission model). That means there are no worries about it not mating properly with the engine or mounts. However, perhaps the most significant benefit to buying a used automatic transmission or used manual transmission is the cost savings.

Because the products are taken directly from a vehicle and inspected, but not rebuilt or remanufactured, the cost is significantly lower. This puts them within financial reach for a larger number of customers, ensuring that you’re able to provide a cost-effective repair that nevertheless offers reliability and durability.

Why Buy from Us?

best quality used transmissions
Why buy an automatic transmission for sale or manual transmission for sale from PowertrainDirect.com? Simply put, we provide the selection, quality, price and expertise that you need in any replacement situation.

Our selection is the largest in the industry – whether you need to find a used transmission for sale to fit a Ford, GM, Chevy, Dodge or any of the imports, we have it. That ensures that you save time, and get your customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

You’ll find that our cheap prices are another reason our customers stick with us for the long term. You won’t find lower prices in the industry. Our volume allows us to undercut the competition, and pass those savings along to you, helping you provide better service but still operate profitably. Our low prices are available across the board on all of our used transmissions, our remanufactured transmissions, rebuilt transmissions and other drivetrain components.

When you work with PowertrainDirect.com, you also get to benefit from our expert staff. Having problems matching a manual or automatic transmission to your customer’s vehicle? Don’t worry – our staff can help guide you to the right choice in our inventory.

More than Transmissions

PowertrainDirect.com offers more than just used transmissions for sale. We offer new, remanufactured and rebuilt transmissions, but also stock every other powertrain component, from crate and used engines to transfer cases to serve your customers who own 4-wheel drives. Contact us today and start providing your customers with the service they deserve.