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Used Engines


Used Engines for Your Project – Affordability and Quality

used engines for sale
There is no single path forward when it comes to engine replacement. At PowertrainDirect.com, we understand that there are many different factors that determine your choice when it comes to buying auto engine, including your customer’s needs, budget and available time. While we offer crate engines and remanufactured engines, we also supply other solutions to save time, money and hassle, including used engines.

A Look Used Engine Replacement

Used engines are exactly what you think – they’re engines taken directly from another automobile and supplied to you for use in your vehicle. Donor cars are generally wrecked cars, trucks or vans that are not drivable, but that have no damage to the engine or other drivetrain components. We cherry-pick our used car engines, ensuring that each one we offer is in the best possible condition.

Why You Should Buy Used Engines

best quality used enginesWhether you call them take out engines or second hand engines, our selection provides you with some very significant advantages. First, you’ll find that when it comes to cheap engines, there’s no better option out there. Whether you’re searching for used Ford engines or used GM engines (or a second hand engine from any other automaker for that matter), we’ve got you covered.

Beyond the cost savings, you’ll find that when you buy used engines, you’re getting the exact OEM fit you need. There’s no worry that the engine won’t match your motor mount configuration or mate with the transmission properly. It’s really just a matter of dropping the used engine in and bolting everything up.

Finally, you’ll find that every one of the used engines we’ve for sale has been fully tested for operability. PowertrainDirect.com takes pride in delivering only the highest quality products to our customers, whether you’re a professional or a consumer. That mission extends to full testing to ensure that every engine we stock is in good condition.

Who Buys Used Car Engines?

Because of their low price point and perfect fit, our cheap motors are purchased by a broad range of customers. We supply independent mechanics with the used engines they need, but we also serve service center chains and car dealerships with their own service department as well. Of course, we’re also happy to do business with individual consumers, as well. Take out engines are needed everywhere – this is particularly true if you’re a professional replacing an engine for a customer with no warranty coverage, or you’re dealing with an extended warranty company (which usually require the lowest-cost option available).

Choose PowertrainDirect.com to Buy Used Engines

When you need a used engine, PowertrainDirect.com is your supplier of choice. If you demand peace of mind and the assurance that you’re getting quality used car engines, there is no better provider in the industry. All engines available for sale are covered by the best warranties in the automotive sector, and our prices are the lowest available. However, working with our expert staff is also a prime reason to choose us – we can help you choose the perfect engine for any application.

Contact us today to get the used engine you need.